I like coding and making small software pieces called snippets that are often really useful. In this directory, I'll keep small code snippets that will be helpful in daily life for me and others.


It always starts with "why?". Why do I need to do it? Well boy it's just because I can and I want to. I share a lot of my time coding in the office for the company I work for, and while working I get a lot of solutions from the community on the internet. So I want to be helpful to the community as it is to me. Fair enough huh?


How would I do it. I think it's just a time consuming thing. Finding problems and writing solutions in a explained format. It's often hard for people that don't write much. But now for me, I write a lot. In Fact, I am writing write now. Explaining you how would I accomplish this dream of mine to contribute to the community.

That's it

Why? and How? are the two main questions to be asked for any topic and I have answered them. So now I think you would agree to read and use my snippets. Thanks for reading!