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Fig 1 : Himanshu Jangid on a mountain


Diligent web developer and software engineer with over 2 years of experience. Eager to get new opportunities and work on large scale projects. Skilled in developing plans, managing projects, and code documentation. currently working on NodeJS and React and leaning Rust for a good future.

I like to explore and research new subjects. My hobbies are dancing, listening, and making music. I put experience above knowledge.


A Small Story

I started my journey in programming with C# and made a lot of Console Applications and Games using Unity Game Engine to learn the basic concepts. Then I started learning HTML, CSS and PHP while I was not aware of JavaScript but indirectly using it. I just had some rough idea about it because I was using JQuery along with PHP. I worked on many projects with PHP, Learned MySQL database, Web hosting, CPanel, Domain Registration, and much more. Then I finally started using Javascript and I liked it so much that I made it my main programming language that I use daily. I have been working on ReactJS, NodeJS, Angular, NextJS, and many more JavaScript frameworks and platforms. Since then I have been working on many web projects and have been learning new things. I and also working with some extra skills like React Native, Python, Git, C, Firebase, MongoDB, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems etc.


Full Stack Web Developer at Wisflux Tech Labs | April 2022 - Present

  • Working on Technologies like React, NestJs, TypeScript, ChakraUI and solving Real World Problems

Web Developer Intern at LetsGrowMore | Sept-2021 - Oct-2021

  • Developed React JS and PHP web applications Educational Institutions' administers.

Web Developer at The Sparks Foundation | Aug-2021 - Sept-2021

  • Worked on REST APIs using NodeJS and MongoDB. Payment Integration, Banking and Security.

Web Developer at Trible Connect: Connecting Our Roots | June-2021 - Aug-2021

  • Worked with a small team as a full stack Web Developer and Project Manager. Designed the UI and deployed the project within the decided timeline.

Something more

This is just about my professional experience that I have certificates of. Apart from these I have worked on a big number of personal projects and Also participated in many hackathons. You can check some of them on my Github

There are a few more portfolios that I have made previously

List of things I usually work with

TypeScriptVery Often
JavaScriptAfter Compilation
RustLearning and Making
HTML & CSSUsually, Old is gold
GulpJust for automation
DockerDeployments and Kubernetes
PostgreSQLI use SQLite more, but good at it
ReactI really like react, hope it was performant
AngularI work with it in office
C#I used to make games in unity
MySQLGood old PHP days
PHPStarted my journey in web dev with it
NodeJs80% of the time, I am on node
PythonI am good at it
Git and GitHubA lot of PRs, Reviews and Commits
C and C++Didn't do much after college
ElectronHave worked on it for recent projects
MarkdownI am writing it right now
KubernetesI just know it
Google CloudFor My Projects
HostingerFor Domains and Hosting
CPanelI have worked a lot on it
HTML CanvasI make simulations when I am free
BashUntil my work is done
Arch LinuxI use Arch BTW
MongoDBOnly when needed
FirebaseMore than 10 Projects but simple
PocketBaseMade some tutorials and a few projects
JSONYou know
NextJsAround 7 Projects
PrismaMan, I like prisma
NestJsProfessional and Opinionated, with more than 10 projects
SequelizeMature library, great API, I love it
BlenderI used to create 3d models, vfx and wallpaper
AfterEffectsOnly when needed

Know more about me statistically

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I also like to write small useful blogs and my recent blogs are

I also write code snippets for contributing to the community. Read about it in here:

Look at my progress reports over the time:

Thanks for reading!